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Marine Technology Program

Studies of surface and sub-surface ocean environments, with expertise in maritime domain awareness, optical sensors, imaging, acoustics, microsystems, underwater mass spectrometry, and related marine sciences

SRI staff members raising a marine technology sensor out of the ocean

SRI’s Marine Technology Program, located in St. Petersburg, Florida accelerates R&D of ocean science, maritime industry, and port security technologies. Projects involve design, development, experiments, deployment, and operations of advanced sensors and their systems for government and commercial clients.

The program was established in 2007 through a unique collaboration between SRI, the State of Florida, the City of St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, and the University of South Florida College of Marine Science's Center for Ocean Technology.

The program includes these groups:

  • Chemical sensors: Creates high-performance marine chemical sensors, ultimately for unattended pervasive networks. Projects include in situ mass spectrometer (MS) systems for aquatic and other harsh environments, novel power sources, and micro-fabrication of MS components and systems.

  • Optics: Designs and builds optically based instruments and systems for real-time, in situ monitoring of oceanographic and environmental processes. Expertise ranges from optical and electronic design to image processing and chemical oceanography.

  • Marine operations: Integrates and deploys new technologies for field operations and evaluation. One of the group’s often-used technologies is the Mobile Inspection Package (MIP), which offers detailed, accurate 3-D models of underwater objects in difficult operating environments. Learn more about SRI's marine operations support.

  • Port security: Employs technology and nontechnical means for integrated maritime domain awareness for port and maritime stakeholders. Leads development efforts in detecting, preventing, responding to, and recovering from terrorist events in the maritime domain.