Our People

Executive Team

SRI's senior management provides business and government clients with many years of experience creating and leading programs to solve clients' increasingly complex challenges.

Richard Abramson
Vice President, Legal and Business Affairs and General Counsel
Denise Glyn Borders
President, SRI Education; Vice President, SRI International
Steve Ciesinski
President, Global Partnerships; Vice President, SRI International
Mark Clifton
President, Products and Solutions; Vice President, SRI International
William Jeffrey, CEO of SRI International
President and Chief Executive Officer, SRI International
Luther Lau
Vice President, Treasurer, and Chief Financial Officer
William Mark
President, Information and Computing Sciences; Vice President, SRI International
Walter H. Moos
President, SRI Biosciences; Vice President, SRI International
CIO Michael Page
Vice President, Information Technology Services and Chief Information Officer
Eric Pearson
Vice President, Physical Sciences Division
John W. Prausa
Vice President, Engineering and Systems Group
Alice R. Resnick
Vice President, Corporate and Marketing Communications
Scott Seaton
Vice President, Engineering R&D Division
Jean E. Tooker
Vice President, Human Resources
Norman Winarsky
President, SRI Ventures; Vice President, SRI International
Mark Zaroogian
Vice President, Advanced Systems Division & Acting Vice President, Government Business Development