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Continuing the Conversation: Engaging Industry and Students in STEM Middle Skill Jobs

Discussion Thread 3: What Are Some of the Innovative Directions That Can Support Workforce Training?

In our study, we have found a few different types of innovation:

  • Industry offering internships with relevant community college courses right on the factory floor, where students work 3 days and study 2 days and see the relevance of what they learn right on the job

  • Community colleges considering ways to offer lecture content online and more “hands on” activities face-to-face

What Do You Think?

What innovations are out there? What changes need to happen to use technology and links with industry to accelerate and deepen workforce preparation? Please share your comments below.


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Jan Bray

Did you research the use of online education -- how is it being used to connect industry and is it helping to expand program capacity?

Tom Navickas

To what extent is there a challenge to academia to recognize that a transformational change is required if we are ever going to be successful in creating a learning community (partnership) to sustain and improve an economic advantage to both student and employer?

David Gunn

Tom, very good question. My concern as yours is; an educational system that is focused on standards vic on student learning beyond classroom knowledge being addressed?

David Gunn

Technical competency is a given. The major roadblock to first time employment are behavioral competencies.

Lorrie Toni

Is the rapidity of change within business and industry making certificates and degrees irrelevant?

Lorrie Toni

How do we convince industry to speak up to call for the change in the objectives for education? Right now, it is about transitioning students to more education (at all levels) rather than the workplace.


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