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Featured Product

IOM PassPort™ SL Walk-Through System

A convenient, walk-through iris biometric system that can be integrated directly into existing turnstiles, infrastructures, or entrances. Ideal for high-traffic applications such as airports and corporate lobbies, this product delivers uncompromising identification without delay.


  • Visual tools to stress, evaluate, and calibrate audio and visual equipment

  • Video processing and exploitation for enhanced 3D immersive situational awareness and persistent surveillance

  • Video surveillance camera for concealed threat detection

  • Real-time, 360-degree situational awareness system

Featured Software

LIDAR Processing SDK for Automated Aerial Point Cloud Analysis

Designed for developers of large-scale mapping solutions, SRI’s LIDAR Processing SDK provides tools to accurately process and analyze LIDAR point clouds from aerial platforms.


Featured Service

Imaging Solutions

From sensor design and development to the packaging and manufacturing of high-performance sensors and cameras, SRI delivers a complete imaging solution.


Featured Tech for License

Electroactive Polymer "Artificial Muscle"

A smart material with the potential to fundamentally shift the way many types of industrial, medical, consumer, automotive, and aerospace products are powered and operated.