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TAS-108: A Better Anti-Estrogen Drug for Treating Breast Cancer

two researchers in lab coats working at equipment

Breast cancer, the most common cancer among women in the U.S., is often treated with the anti-estrogen therapies tamoxifen (TAM) and aromatase inhibitors (AIs). However, these drugs are not effective in all patients and can produce severe side effects, so there is a strong need for new hormonal therapies.

As a safer and more effective alternative to currently available drugs, SRI researchers have developed TAS-108, an oral anti-estrogen drug for the treatment of advanced breast cancer. This novel compound has completed a series of Phase I and Phase II clinical studies at multiple sites around the world.

Key benefits demonstrated in these studies include:

  • Significant clinical antitumor efficacy in patients who have failed treatment with TAM and/or AI therapy

  • No reduction in bone mineral density, a side effect seen with AIs

  • No endometrial thickening, one of TAM's side effects

  • An excellent overall safety profile

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