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Iris on the Move® Biometric Identification Systems

security guard identifying drivers with the IOM RapID-Cam II camera

Award-winning Iris on the Move® (IOM) biometric systems combine the unprecedented accuracy of iris recognition with a quick, convenient solution for secure access control and identity authentication. Unlike other biometric readers that require users to stop or to position their eyes close to a camera, IOM products allow people to simply glance and go.

SRI offers a complete line of easy-to-use, indoor/outdoor biometric enrollment and recognition products. IOM systems perform iris recognition effortlessly at a distance and on the move in all lighting conditions.

Product Suite

RapID-Cam II handheld device

This ruggedized, handheld device allows for simple biometric enrollment and identification anywhere in the field. The RapID-Cam II camera can capture dual-iris and facial images up to eighteen inches away—putting a comfortable distance between the user and the subject.

IOM N-Glance iris reader

An easy-to-use, modular identity-verification system for access control. The system allows users to network any number of iris readers to enforce secure access throughout a facility or campus.

PassThru image

A drive-up iris biometric system for vehicle entry points. The IOM PassThru system extends the use of identity authentication to the perimeter. Easy-to-use and automated, the biometric system can efficiently replace RFID cards, passcodes, or security guards at the gate.

IOM PassPort SL system illuminators and camera cabinet

A convenient, walk-through biometric system that can be integrated directly into existing turnstiles, infrastructures, or entrances. Ideal for high-traffic applications such as airports and corporate lobbies, this product delivers uncompromising identification without delay.

News & Events

New product innovation is as much about making advanced technology accessible to a broader market as it is about adding wow-factor features. Iris authentication—once a niche component of high-end security systems—will debut in compact, cost-competitive form factors at this year’s ISC West.