Products and Solutions

Situational Awareness

Real-time awareness is critical for decision-making in dynamic situations such as emergency services, military command and control, and facility security. From video processing and persistent surveillance to mobile robots and analytical software, SRI solutions put decision-makers in control.


UAV monitoring forward operating base

SRI’s TerraSight real-time video processing and exploitation suite enables users to extract maximum value from air and ground video surveillance. TerraSight instantaneously presents critical information from widely distributed sensors in one 3D common operating picture (COP).

three outdoor security cameras on a pole

The Acadia hardware series of embedded video processors delivers clear, actionable information from full-motion video. These products are available in multiple configurations with a variety of input and output options to accommodate a broad range of applications.

panoramic image on View 360 screen

SRI’s View 360 system provides real-time panoramic IR video while automatically detecting and tracking multiple targets at ranges up to 2 kilometers. This capability minimizes user fatigue and maximizes effectiveness.

VerifIR™ Video Surveillance Camera

Detecting a concealed bomb before it explodes in a crowded airport or sports stadium is critical. The VerifIR standoff camera system helps users find and characterize hidden threats in congested areas.


Mobile command post with product software callout

SRI offers real-time integrated reconnaissance and surveillance solutions for vehicles. These mobile systems enable situational awareness in rapidly changing environments.


map with multicolored 3d feature extraction

SRI offers a LIDAR Processing SDK designed for developers of large-scale mapping solutions. Accurately process and analyze LIDAR point clouds from aerial platforms.

four people using SEAS software

The SEAS software tool uses best analytic practices to guide analysts in collaboratively reasoning from evidence about potential threats and opportunities.

Technologies for License

engineers working on an embedded vision system for UAVs

SRI offers a portfolio of computer vision FPGA cores and video processing software for real-time embedded systems development.

electroadhesion demonstrated with a wall-climbing robot

SRI’s breakthrough electroadhesion technology, available for license, allows electrically controlled reversible adhesion
 to most surfaces.

electroadhesive surface-climbing robot

SRI offers licenseable surface- and wall-climbing robot prototypes for surveillance, inspection, and sensor placement applications.