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Taurus Dexterous Robot

Taurus robot

The Taurus system for military and domestic bomb disposal squads addresses challenges presented when inerting explosive devices such as IEDs and ground explosive ordnance (EOD), and when removing hazardous materials. The tool is available for active commercial transfer.

The remotely operated, 14x5-inch Taurus bomb disposal robot provides bomb squad operators fine motor control in a compact frame. To intercept and defuse devices, the robot relays high-definition 3D images and tactile feedback to a technician from a safe distance.

The bomb disposal robot is easy to use: according to IEEE Spectrum, it works so well that users forget they are working remotely.

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive interface for effective use with minimal initial or recurring training.
  • Stereoscopic high-definition 3D immersive display with remote tilt, zoom, and focus
  • Natural alignment of hand motions to visual perspective


  • Two independently controlled manipulators, each with eight degrees of freedom, provide the Taurus system’s unprecedented fine manipulation.
  • The only platform that provides the ability to remotely perform delicate manipulation tasks far beyond the capability of current EOD robotics systems.
  • Lightweight, modular design to allows users to customize the system to operational needs.


  • Multiple mounting options allow attachment to most EOD platforms
  • Remotely mountable tool attachments provide cutting, grinding, grasping, sampling, and remote electrical measurement (oscilloscope) functions
  • Integrated visible and IR lighting
  • Video streaming and recording
  • Large dexterous workspace and payload
  • Manipulates external tools relevant to bomb squad operations
  • Tolerant to communication link interruptions

Key Features

  • Multifunctional cutters/graspers
  • High-definition, stereoscopic camera with remote tilt, zoom, and focus
  • 5-pound payload
  • 42x33x33-inch workspace
  • Modular and rugged design
  • Compact 15-pound remote unit weight
  • Vehicle entry porthole size of 14 x 5.2 inches
  • Mounts to Andros F6-A or similar mobile explosive ordinance disposal platform used by domestic bomb squads

News & Events

IEEE Spectrum, May 8, 2015

IEEE Spectrum highlighted SRI Robotics' Taurus system.