Community College and Workforce: Disabled Veterans: Transitions to Civilian Life

Many veterans return from the war with disabilities such as post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. Policymakers seek to improve veteran education and rehabilitation to successfully transition them into civilian life and employment. SRI has worked extensively to improve the outcomes of individuals with disabilities. Our researchers can serve as technical experts in consultation with key partners in transferring best practices from the field of special education to adult education, job training, and rehabilitation programs serving veterans.

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SRI’s evaluation of the California Community College Linked Learning Initiative addresses implementation and institutional and student outcomes of work by three community colleges and partnering K–12 districts to promote seamless transitions and postsecondary success for Linked Learning high school...

high school students at graduation, throwing their hats in the air

SRI is evaluating the efficacy of a program promoting school success and completion for students at high risk of school failure and dropout.

young man rests his head against his arm in front of a brick wall

SRI is evaluating the effectiveness of a school-based intervention program for students who have witnessed or experienced traumatic events.

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high school students in a classroom

The article notes that according to the NLTS2 longitudinal study directed by SRI, many learning-disabled students do not actively seek out the supports they need to succeed in college.

A study by SRI International focusing on incoming middle school students will indicate if they're having symptoms of post-traumatic stress such as nightmares, flashbacks, fear, guilt, withdrawal, rage.

The violence on city streets takes its toll on the young. A new survey by SRI International shows that one out of six of the sixth grade students they looked at suffer from post-traumatic stress.

This article reports that SRI education researchers at are testing the effectiveness of school-based group therapy to improve student coping skills and, in turn, academic performance for middle school students who have been exposed to traumatic events.