Energy and Green Tech

Applying SRI's diverse expertise to energy and environmental challenges

eight bottles holding green liquid
SRI researcher holding up hollow-fiber membranes
zero-emission, fuel cell-powered bus at a recharging station
SRI's wave-powered device on a buoy in the ocean


SRI develops solutions for the production, storage, distribution, and use of conventional, emerging, and sustainable energy sources. SRI’s Energy Center is your gateway to our advanced R&D and scale-up solutions. 

Green Tech

To improve environmental health, SRI develops green technology. Our work includes new solutions for renewable energy, systems to study ocean acidification, and novel approaches to waste clean-up and water purification and desalination.

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News & Events

MIT Tech Review, Feb 26, 2015

SRI’s process uses plasma arcs to facilitate reactions between molecules of hydrogen and titanium chloride, a chemical produced from titanium ore. “Arcs, like lightning bolts, crack the hydrogen, producing atomic hydrogen that can readily react,” says Barbara Heydorn, senior director of the Energy...