National, Regional, and Local Development

Every community, country, and region has certain competitive advantages, from human resources to existing or emerging industrial strengths. SRI's Center for Science, Technology, and Economic Development helps clients identify their advantages and build on strengths to generate higher-value economic activities.

SRI excels at working with stakeholders to build consensus on a set of core, actionable initiatives to promote long-term economic growth.


city view of Roanoke, Virginia

In 2009, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine acted upon SRI recommendations to make strategic investments to nurture statewide innovation, entrepreneurship, and commercialization of up-and-coming technologies.

Muscat, Oman cityscape at night

Using a proprietary NIE assessment technique, SRI mapped the main pillars, frameworks, drivers and institutions underpinning Oman’s innovation capacity.

college in Nevada

In a report for the Nevada State Legislature, SRI evaluated how U.S. states fund higher education and compared them to Nevada's funding approaches.

map of nevada with magnifying glass on it

SRI provided much-needed objective economic and industry analysis as a platform for Nevada to formulate a new path toward economic regrowth and revival.