R&D Focus Area

Sensing and Devices

Monitoring, measuring, and manipulation for critical scenarios

SRI sensor technology researcher using a micro-surgery tool

Advanced sensing technologies, including high-performance, intelligent sensing devices, are indispensable for monitoring threats to national security. SRI's interdisciplinary teams collaborate on complex projects for clients in the government and in industry. For a variety of national defense and intelligence needs, SRI develops and performs field tests on novel optical and biological sensors, such as differential absorption LIDAR systems. 

Additional applications for sensor technology R&D include medical diagnostics for post-disaster triage, highly sensitive ocean chemistry sensors, and multimodal biometrics systems for homeland security checkpoints at high-traffic ports of entry.

Other capabilities include:

  • Remote sensing for military programs and atmospheric research
  • Marine and space sensor instrumentation and systems
  • Over-the-horizon radar
  • An online lightning monitoring system to monitor the effects of electromagnetic transients on ground and space systems
  • Novel optical sensors and light sensors
  • Image sensors and systems
  • Biometrics

News & Events

The New York Times, Oct 17, 2014

Gus has autism, and Siri, Apple’s “intelligent personal assistant” on the iPhone, is currently his B.F.F. According to the folks at SRI International, the research and development company where Siri began before Apple bought the technology, the next generation of virtual assistants will not just...