Tech Report October 1, 2017

Implementing Classroom Observation Rubrics: How are NGEI Sites Identifying and Using Classroom Observation Rubrics to Prepare Effective Teachers?

This short paper highlights how select California State University (CSU) campuses participating in the Bechtel-funded New Generation of Educators Initiative (NGEI) identify and use rubrics to prepare effective teachers and...

Tech Report March 1, 2015

The local control funding formula: Staking out the ground for early learning

Early childhood education was not among districts’ priorities in the first round of Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) budgeting. Few districts added new early childhood education programs or dollars. However,...

Tech Report December 1, 2013

Evaluation of the Florida Master Teacher Initiative second formative report

The Florida Master Teacher Initiative (FMTI) partners have developed and implemented for 2 years a set of strategic programs to enhance early learning instruction for high-need students. Specifically, these are...

Tech Report February 1, 2012

Teacher Incentive Fund: First Implementation Report, 2006 and 2007 Grantees

The interim report is part of a five-year national implementation evaluation (2008-13) focused on the first two cohorts of the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF) grantees. This report is guided by...

Tech Report December 1, 2010

California’s Teaching Force 2010: Key Issues and Trends

This report covers four key themes: the contraction of the teacher workforce and other issues affecting the teacher supply pipeline, the weakening of the teacher development system in the context...

Tech Report January 1, 2010

Ready Schools Miami: Year 2 Evaluation Findings

Ready Schools Miami is a systems change effort to improve the well-being and educational attainment of children at risk of academic, health, and social difficulties in Miami-Dade, one of the...

Tech Report September 1, 2009

An unfinished canvas: District capacity and the use of new funds for arts education in California

Questions about district leadership and capacity—particularly in light of the new funding—served as the impetus for this study. Through a survey of leaders in 385 districts, we assessed districts’ capacity...

Tech Report December 1, 2008

California’s Teaching Force 2008: Key Issues and Trends

This annual report examines overall trends in the California teacher workforce, including the demand for teachers, the distribution of underprepared teachers, and the implementation of a statewide data system to...

Tech Report December 1, 2008

Early Implementation of Ready Schools Miami: Findings of the First-Year Evaluation

Ready Schools Miami is a systems change effort to improve the well-being and educational attainment of children at risk of academic, health, and social difficulties in one of this country’s...

Tech Report September 1, 2008

An Unfinished Canvas: Allocating Funding and Instructional Time for Elementary Arts Education

The study’s aim is to provide California policy-makers and educators with examples and lessons from other jurisdictions that have been more successful in providing all students with access to arts...

Tech Report September 1, 2007

An Unfinished Canvas: Arts Education in California: Taking Stock of Policies and Practices (Full Report)

California policy-makers clearly have ambitious goals for arts education. However, beyond developing rigorous standards and calling for instruction in the arts as part of the required course of study, California...

Tech Report December 1, 2006

Teaching and California’s Future: California’s Teaching Force 2006: Key Issues and Trends

This annual report discusses trends in the supply, demand, and distribution of California teachers; details the impact of state policy changes on the teacher development system; and highlights themes that...

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