Tech Report March 1, 2016

Empowering Adults to Thrive at Work: Personal Success Skills for 21st Century Jobs. A Report on Promising Research and Practice

This report is geared toward leaders in education, industry, workforce development, and human services interested empowering working age adults to build sustainable 21st century careers. Personal success skills are the...

Chapter February 1, 2014

Homeostasis, Complexity, and Educational Policy Informatics: Exploring Unanticipated Consequences and Unrealized Opportunities of Policy Decisions

Article March 1, 2013

A “Conditional” Sense of Fairness in Assessment

Standardizing aspects of assessments has long been recognized as a tactic to help make evaluations of examinees fair. It reduces variation in irrelevant aspects of testing procedures that could advantage...

Conference Paper July 1, 2012

Unpacking the Black Box of Engagement: Cognitive, Behavioral, and Affective Engagement in Learning Mathematics

Journal Article October 1, 2011

Organizing Research and Development at the Intersection of Learning, Implementation, and Design

This article describes elements of an approach to research and development called design-based implementation research. The approach represents an expansion of design research, which typically focuses on classrooms, to include...

Tech Report January 1, 2011

Developing The Area Of Design-Based Implementation Research

Article January 1, 2011

Investigating Collaborative Innovation in a Virtual World Task

While much has been written about the importance of innovation, there is still much to learn about the specific behaviours that lead to innovation among groups. In this paper we...

Conference Paper July 1, 2010

Using Design Personas To Inform Refinements To Software For Science Learning

Design personas are a technique of participatory design intended to provide design teams with memorable, vivid representations of users’ needs and practices. In this paper, we describe the process of...

Conference Paper June 1, 2010

It’s About Time: Purpose, Methods and Challenges of Temporal Analyses of Multiple Data Streams

Recent studies of learning have involved concurrent collection of multiple types of data (e.g., computer activity logs and online discussion) or have applied multi-dimensional coding, resulting in related data streams....

Article March 1, 2010

Preparing Students for Future Learning with Teachable Agents

One valuable goal of instructional technologies in K-12 education is to prepare students for future learning. Two classroom studies examined whether Teachable Agents (TA) achieves this goal. TA is an...

Tech Report March 1, 2010

Assessing Systems Thinking and Complexity in Science

Conference Paper January 1, 2010

Designing Large-Scale Science Assessment Tasks For Students With High-Incidence Disabilities: The Use Of Evidence-Centered Design, Design Patterns, And Universal Design For Learning

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