Conference Proceeding March 1, 2017

SenSay Analytics™: A real-time speaker-state platform

Growth in voice-based applications and personalized systems has led to increasing demand for speech- analytics technologies that estimate the state of a speaker from speech. Such systems support a wide...

Conference Proceeding March 1, 2017

Analysis and prediction of heart rate using speech features from natural speech

Interactive voice technologies can leverage biosignals, such as heart rate (HR), to infer the psychophysiological state of the user. Voice-based detection of HR is attractive because it does not require...

Article November 1, 2016

Conversational In-Vehicle Dialog Systems: The past, present, and future

Automotive technology rapidly advances with increasing connectivity and automation. These advancements aim to assist safe driving and improve user travel experience. Before the realization of a full automation, in-vehicle dialog...

Conference Paper September 1, 2016

The SRI CLEO Speaker-State Corpus

We introduce the SRI CLEO (Conversational Language about Everyday Objects) Speaker-State Corpus of speech, video, and biosignals. The goal of the corpus is providing insight on the speech and physiological...

Tech Report September 1, 2016

Privacy- preserving speech analytics for automatic assessment of student collaboration

This work investigates whether nonlexical information from speech can automatically predict the quality of small-group collaborations. Audio was collected from students as they collaborated in groups of three to solve...

Article September 1, 2016

The SRI speech-based collaborative learning corpus

We introduce the SRI speech-based collaborative learning corpus, a novel collection designed for the investigation and measurement of how students collaborate together in small groups. This is a multi-speaker corpus...

Conference Paper June 1, 2016

Spoken Interaction Modeling for Automatic Assessment of Collaborative Learning

Collaborative learning is a key skill for student success, but simultaneous monitoring of multiple small groups is untenable for teachers. This study investigates whether automatic audio- based monitoring of interactions...

Conference Paper June 1, 2016

Noise and reverberation effects on depression detection from speech

Speech-based depression detection has gained importance in recent years, but most research has used relatively quiet conditions or examined a single corpus per study. Little is thus known about the...

Blog archive June 1, 2016

Using Speech to Assess Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Veterans

...relevant to a range of conditions, including depression, suicide risk and childhood trauma. Researchers Elizabeth Shriberg, Andreas Tsiartas, and Vikramjit Mitra have investigated several speech features that show promising results...

Conference Paper September 1, 2015

Prediction of heart rate changes from speech features during interaction with a misbehaving dialog system

Most research on detecting a speaker’s cognitive state when interacting with a dialog system has been based on selfreports, or on hand-coded subjective judgments based on audio or audio-visual observations....

Conference Paper September 1, 2015

Speech-based assessment of PTSD in a military population using diverse feature classes

There is a critical need for detection and monitoring of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in both military and civilian populations. Current diagnosis is based on clinical interviews, but clinicians...

Conference Paper April 1, 2015

Effects of feature type, learning algorithm and speaking style for depression detection from speech

Computational methods for speech-based detection of depression are still relatively new, and have focused on either a standard set of features or on specific additional approaches. We systematically study the...

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