Journal Article December 20

Engineered Ovarian Cancer Cell Lines for Validation of CAR T Cell Function

A set of genetically engineered isogenic cell lines is developed to express either folate receptor alpha or mesothelin, and a control cell line negative for both antigens. These cell lines also express fluorescent and bioluminescent reporter transgenes. The cell lines…

Case Study National Science Foundation

SRI creates sophisticated, low-cost, fault tolerant, phased array radars providing unprecedented Geospace monitoring

Case Study NSF, NASA

Making space research accessible to students, researchers and commercial entities

Story September 11, 2019

Tech history: the story behind Stanford’s satellite dish hiking trail in Palo Alto a nuclear explosion. However, Don did affirm that the Dish has been subsequently used at times for ionospheric research. That the second purpose, on the other hand, was realized...

Journal Article August 3, 2019

Bridging the Gap: Converting Human Advice into Imagined Examples

Advice is a powerful tool for learning. But advice also presents the challenge of bridging the gap between the high-level representations that easily capture human advice and the low-level representations...


Eric Pearson

As Vice President of Special Programs, Eric Pearson partners with SRI International’s research divisions to identify and develop new, cross-divisional R&D opportunities for clients. He leads efforts to enhance collaboration...


John W. Prausa

...the largest R&D group at SRI. In that role, he directed 800 staff members conducting research, development, deployment, and support of technologies and systems in the areas of ionospheric and...


John Kelly

John Kelly, Ph.D., for more than 25 years he has been a leader in the use of incoherent scatter (IS) radar for remote atmospheric sensing. Under his direction, the National...


Christopher W. Lantman

...thin-film deposition, nanomaterials, specialty dyes and pigments, and polymeric materials for a variety of industries, consortia, and defense applications. He is a recipient of the international Bourse Chateaubriand prize in...


John R. Tower

John R. Tower focuses on high-speed, charge-coupled devices (CCD) for imagers and cameras, aerospace applications, and high performance, backside-illuminated CMOS imagers for X-ray, ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared applications. Tower began...


Tilman Schulte

...aspects of cognition, attention, and emotion, and the role of interhemispheric communication for lateralized brain processes. He developed several novel paradigms to assess interhemispheric transfer, selective attention, emotion, and executive...


Asti N. Bhatt

global scale ionospheric processes that span continents—in particular, the propagation of large-scale waves in the ionosphere in response to forcing from solar or lower atmospheric events. With fellow researcher Elizabeth...

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