Kathleen M. Hebbeler

...Selected Publications Hebbeler, K., & Spiker, D. (2016). Supporting young children with disabilities. The Future of Children, 26(2), 185-205. Baker, D. L., Hebbeler, K., Davis-Alldritt, L., Anderson, L. S., &...


Fiona C Baker

Fiona Baker, Ph.D. is the Director of the Human Sleep Research Program at SRI International, which she joined in 2005. She focuses on understanding the interplay between sleep physiology and...


William D. Brubaker

William Brubaker, Ph.D., is investigating the mechanisms and clinical relevance of beta-amyloid clearance by the peripheral circulatory system, especially as it relates to oligomeric, protofibrillar and fibrillar aggregates of beta-amyloid....

Article December 1, 2015

Does Pain Vary across the Menstrual Cycle? A Review

Reproductive hormones are implicated in moderating pain. Animal studies support both pronociceptive and antinociceptive actions of oestradiol and progesterone suggesting that the net effect of these hormones on pain is...

Article November 1, 2015

Validation of Sleep-Tracking Technology Compared with Polysomnography in Adolescents

STUDY OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the accuracy in measuring nighttime sleep of a fitness tracker (Jawbone UP) compared to polysomnography (PSG). DESIGN: Jawbone UP and PSG data were simultaneously collected from...

Article November 1, 2015

What We Know About Primary Dysmenorrhea Today: A Critical Review

BACKGROUND: Primary dysmenorrhea, or painful menstruation in the absence of pelvic pathology, is a common, and often debilitating, gynecological condition that affects between 45 and 95% of menstruating women. Despite...

Article October 1, 2015

School Health Services for Children with Special Health Care Needs in California

Children with special health care needs (CSHCN) are at risk for school failure when their health needs are not met. Current studies have identified a strong connection between school success...

Article August 1, 2015

Menstrual Cycle-Related Variation in Physiological Sleep in Women in the Early Menopausal Transition

Abstract CONTEXT: Most studies show sleep homeostasis and continuity remain stable across the menstrual cycle in young women. The influence of the menstrual cycle on physiological sleep in midlife women...

Article June 1, 2015

Cardiac Autonomic Function During Sleep: Effects of Alcohol Dependence and Evidence of Partial Recovery with Abstinence

Chronic alcoholism is associated with the development of cardiac and peripheral autonomic nervous system (ANS) pathology. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the extent to which recovery...

Article June 1, 2015

Women with Dysmenorrhoea Are Hypersensitive to Experimentally Induced Forearm Ischaemia During Painful Menstruation and During the Pain-Free Follicular Phase

Monthly primary dysmenorrhoeic pain is associated with increased sensitivity to painful stimuli, particularly in deep tissue. We investigated whether women with dysmenorrhoea, compared with controls, have increased sensitivity to experimentally...

Article June 1, 2015

Insomnia in Women Approaching Menopause: Beyond Perception

The menopausal transition is marked by increased prevalence in disturbed sleep and insomnia, present in 40-60% of women, but evidence for a physiological basis for their sleep complaints is lacking....

Article April 1, 2015

Interaction between Reproductive Hormones and Physiological Sleep in Women

CONTEXT: The changing hormonal milieu around menopause is implicated in the development of sleep disturbances. No studies have assessed the association between concurrent physiological measures of sleep and serum hormone...

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