In the news November 18, 2021

The risk of depression in emerging adults suddenly tripled during COVID-19, and young women are particularly vulnerable

SRI's Dr. Fiona Baker speaks on the results of a recent study on the increased risk of depression during the COVID 19 pandemic.

In the news September 24, 2021

Menopause-related sleep disturbances influence mood, metabolism

Fiona Baker, director of the Human Sleep Research Program at SRI, is featured in the article from Healio

Journal Article August 30, 2021

Physiological Synchrony: A New Approach Toward Identifying Unknown Presentation Attacks on Biometric Systems

Article April 1, 2021

Performance of Fitbit Charge 3 Against Polysomnography in Measuring Sleep in Adolescent Boys and Girls

Journal Article February 26, 2021

Physiological Responses to Acute Psychosocial Stress in Women with Menopausal Insomnia

Article October 20, 2020

How the COVID‐19 Pandemic Has Changed Our Lives: A Study of Psychological Correlates Across 59 Countries

Article October 10, 2020

Effects of forehead cooling and supportive care on menopause-related sleep difficulties, hot flashes and menopausal symptoms: A pilot study.

Announcements October 10, 2020

SRI research scientists discuss new opportunities for large-scale data collection through consumer sleep technology

...research scientists Luca Menghini, Nicola Cellini, Aimee Goldstone, Fiona C Baker and Massimiliano de Zambotti discuss the new opportunities for large-scale data collection that CST could provide in clinical and...

Article September 3, 2020

A standardized framework for testing the performance of sleep-tracking technology: Step-by-step guidelines and open-source code

Abstract July 27, 2020

Stress, Sleep, and Autonomic Function in Healthy Adolescent Girls and Boys: Findings from the NCANDA Study

Journal Article July 14, 2020

Impact of evening alcohol consumption on nocturnal autonomic and cardiovascular function in adult men and women: A dose–response laboratory investigation

Article June 1, 2020

The Falling Asleep Process in Adolescents

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