Conference Paper January 1, 2013

Discovery of Community Structures in a Heterogeneous Professional Online Network

Socio-technical networks that are heterogeneous in composition of actors and the media through which they interact are becoming common, but opportunities to study the emergent community structure of such networks...

Article February 1, 2011

Assessing Informal Learning in Data Literacy

Tech Report January 1, 2011

Laying The Foundation For Improving U.S. Workforce Education: Workforce Researchers’ Expertise, Funding Sources, And Links To NSF’s Ate Targeted Research Program

Article February 1, 2009

Analyzing Online Teacher Networks: Cyber Networks Require Cyber Research Tools

Journal Article January 1, 2009

Analyzing Online Social Networking in Professional Learning Communities: Cyber Networks Require Cyber-Research Tools

The authors argue that conceptual and methodological limitations in existing research approaches severely hamper theory building and empirical exploration of teacher learning and collaboration through cyber-enabled networks. They conclude that...

Article January 1, 2008

Designing For Growth: Enabling Communities Of Practice To Develop And Extend Their Work Online

A teaching professional’s community of practice (CoP) can affect professional growth through informal collegial interactions. The desire to support professional growth though community has led scores of teacher education, induction,...

Conference Paper April 1, 2005

Utilizing Usability Testing Methods To Improve Oerl

Conference Paper April 1, 2005

Oerl Survey Design, Methodology, Administration And Results

This paper documents the process employed to develop and administer a methodologically sound set of surveys to evaluate the Online Evaluation Resource Library (OERL) Web site. Results from the surveys...

Article June 1, 2004

Teacher Professional Development, Technology, And Communities Of Practice: Are We Putting The Cart Before The Horse?

Over the past decade, education reform and teacher training projects have spent a great deal of effort to create and support sustainable, scalable online communities of education professionals. For the...

Article January 1, 2002

Evolution Of An On-Line Education Community Of Practice

Conference Paper January 1, 2002

Rich Social Interaction In An Online Community For Learning

Conference Paper January 1, 2000

Assessing The Impact Of A Large-Scale Online Teacher Professional Development Community

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