Largest-ever study of impact of Open Educational Resources in college reveals benefits of introducing OER courses on a broad scale

...across all five cost partner colleges are taken into account, estimates suggest an average of $1.03 in gross revenue was generated for every dollar spent (program and additional delivery costs)—a...


SenSay™ Analytics speaker state platform


SRI Language Modeling toolkit

Press Release

Quantum Consortium Managed by SRI International Holds Workshop on Cryogenic Technologies to Accelerate Quantum Innovation

...QED-C and NIST on strategies and R&D investments for advancing cryogenics to enable growth in the quantum industry. “There is a chicken and egg problem,” according to Sae Woo Nam,...

Story November 8, 2019

Design for Trust: Principle #2

...didn’t follow suggestions, this would be an opportunity to gather feedback to better understand why a different path was taken. In either case, forward progress is made based on user...

Story November 8, 2019

A brief introduction to quantum computing

...Intel, and Honeywell, has led to a series of technological breakthroughs in building “gated” quantum computer systems. D-Wave, has taken a distinctly different approach with a type of analog computing...

Case Study OTO

AI-based speech sentiment analysis technology


From the home front to the battlefield, providing access to lifesaving care

Case Study Obayashi Corporation

A modern approach to building inspections

Case Study Yamaha Motor Ventures & Laboratory Silicon Valley (YMVSV)

Fulfilling the need for speed

Story September 3, 2019

In AI we trust? How might we design intelligent systems that inspire trust?

...this end, we pose the question: “How might we design intelligent systems that inspire trust?” Thought leaders have spoken out on the need for designing trustworthy systems with overarching design...


Leslie F. Kenne

Lt. Gen. (retired) Leslie F. Kenne is an independent consultant providing expertise and guidance to industry in the areas of program management, logistics, test and evaluation and ethics compliance. She...

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