In the news November 5, 2020

Advancing inclusive innovation and entrepreneurship through the patent system

Rodney Swartz of SRI's general counsel was a guest author in Patentlyo's latest post on the innovation ecosystem

In the news October 26, 2020

Scientists make digital breakthrough in chemistry that could revolutionize the drug industry

SRI Biosciences CSO, Nathan Collins, speaks on the development of automated chemistry systems, including AutoSyn

In the news October 6, 2020

Five groundbreaking inventions funded by the U.S. government

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise includes SRI's Shakey the Robot as a top 5 invention funded by the U.S. government

In the news, NSIC September 25, 2020

A new U.S.-based innovation center aims to link up corporate Japan with Silicon Valley

SRI President, Manish Kothari, discusses the Nomura-SRI Innovation Center (NSIC) with CNBC's 'Squawk Box'

In the news, NSIC September 23, 2020

Yahoo! Finance: Nomura and SRI International Create Silicon Valley-based Innovation Center to Exclusively Service Corporate Japan

Article September 3, 2020

A standardized framework for testing the performance of sleep-tracking technology: Step-by-step guidelines and open-source code

Sleep-tracking devices, particularly within the consumer sleep technology (CST) space, are increasingly used in both research and clinical settings, providing new opportunities for large-scale data collection in highly ecological conditions. Due to the fast pace of the CST industry combined…

In the news August 2, 2020

William English, who helped build the computer mouse dies at 91

He was a computing pioneer who “showed what a computer interface could – and should look like.”
Read his obituary in the New York Times

A computing pioneer who “showed what a computer interface could – and should look like.” Read his obituary in the New York Times....

Supplier relations

In the news November 25, 2019

Tiny alterations in training data can introduce “backdoors” into machine learning models

Advanced imaging systems

National security

SRI hardens next-generation technologies to bolster defense and help safeguard national security. We deliver systems, hardware and software that people must rely on under the toughest conditions.


Keith R. Laderoute

Keith R. Laderoute, is an expert in the biology of the tumor microenvironment. His current research is focused on the regulation of tumor cell energy metabolism, particularly in response to...

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