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Novel Platform Accelerates the Discovery of New, Targeted Cancer Therapies

...tumor types, including acute myeloid leukemia and kidney cancer. Most recently, my SRI colleagues, Lidia Sambucetti and Yihui Shi, and I used this proprietary, precision cancer therapy platform to identify...

Article December 1, 2016

Pharmacodynamic Assays to Facilitate Pre-clinical and Clinical Development of Pre-mRNA Splicing Modulatory Drug Candidates

The spliceosome has recently emerged as a new target for cancer chemotherapy and novel antitumor spliceosome targeted agents are under development. Here, we describe two types of novel pharmacodynamic assays...

Article August 1, 2014

5′-AMP-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) Supports the Growth of Aggressive Experimental Human Breast Cancer Tumors

Rapid tumor growth can establish metabolically stressed microenvironments that activate 5′-AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), a ubiquitous regulator of ATP homeostasis. Previously, we investigated the importance of AMPK for the growth...

Conference Paper April 1, 2013

Development of Functional Assays for p97/VCP Inhibition

p97 (also called VCP in metazoans and CDC48 in yeast) is a highly conserved, ubiquitously expressed, and essential AAA ATPase. p97 plays a key role in endoplasmic reticulum-associated degradation of...

Conference Paper April 1, 2013

SR16388 Impairs Protein Homeostasis and Induces Autophagy in Diverse Human Cancer Cell Lines

SR16388 is a novel amino steroid that targets estrogen-binding proteins including genomic estrogen receptors (ERs). Preclinical studies have demonstrated that SR16388 is a well-tolerated, orally active compound with compelling properties...

Article March 1, 2011

SR16388: a Steroidal Antiangiogenic Agent with Potent Inhibitory Effecton Tumor Growth in Vivo

Angiogenesis is one of the major processes controlling growth and metastasis of tumors. Angiogenesis inhibitors have been targeted for the treatment of various cancers for more than 2 decades. We...

Article September 1, 2010

A Novel Steroidal Inhibitor of Estrogen-Related Receptor alpha (ERR alpha)

Article January 1, 2010

The Metal-Responsive Transcription Factor-1 Protein Is Elevated in Human Tumors

Article December 1, 2009

Sr16157 Is a Potent Dual-Acting Inhibitor of Estrogen Biosynthesis and Estrogen Receptor.

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