Michelle W. Woodbridge

Michelle W. Woodbridge, Ph.D., has more than two decades of experience in research on and evaluation of children’s mental health services, educational practices, health and social services, and other community-based...

Tech Report August 1, 2016

Case Studies of the Early Implementation of Kindergarten Entry Assessments

This report presents findings from a descriptive study that examined the development and early implementation of Kindergarten Entry Assessments (KEAs) in 12 districts across four Race To the Top-Early Learning...

Journal Article April 1, 2016

Factors Affecting Mental Health Service Utilization among California Public College and University Students: Who Accesses Resources and Who Doesn’t?

OBJECTIVE: Unmet need for mental health treatment among college students is a significant public health issue. Despite having access to campus mental health providers and insurance to cover services, many...

Journal Article March 1, 2016

Screening for Trauma in Early Adolescence: Findings from a Diverse School District

Abundant evidence demonstrates that traumatized adolescents are at increased risk of a host of negative psychoeducational and functional outcomes, but demographic disparities are often seen in access to and use...

Tech Report March 1, 2015

California College and University Collaborations: Facilitators, Challenges, and Impact on Student Mental Health

Reports on an evaluation of student mental health collaboration activities among California higher education systems, community agencies, and county mental health.

Tech Report March 1, 2015

Evaluation of California’s Statewide Mental Health Prevention and Early Intervention Programs: Summary of Key Year 2 Findings

This report summarizes key findings from the second year of an evaluation of the California Mental Health Services Authority’s statewide prevention and early intervention programs....

Tech Report March 1, 2015

California K–12 and Community Collaborations: Facilitators, Challenges, and Impact on Student Mental Health

Reports on an evaluation of student mental health collaboration activities among California K–12 school districts, counties, and regions.

Article May 1, 2014

Implementation and Sustainability of an Evidence-Based Program Lessons Learned from the Prism Applied to First Step to Success

Although numerous studies address the efficacy of school-based interventions, fewer focus on how to support sustainability of interventions from the perspective of participants. To address this research gap, we use...

Article January 1, 2014

Does First Step to Success Have Long-Term Impacts on Student Behavior? An Analysis of Efficacy Trial Data

Abstract. First Step to Success (First Step; Walker et al., 1997, 1998) is a secondary-level intervention for students with behavior problems in early elementary school. The purposes of this study...

Tech Report January 1, 2014

CalMHSA Student Mental Health Campus-Wide Survey: 2013 Summary Report

Report provides the results of a California survey of colleges and universities on mental health experiences and attitudes, perceptions of campus mental health services, and perceptions of overall campus climate...

Article March 1, 2013

Assessing the Effectiveness of First Step to Success: Are Short-Term Results the First Step to Long-Term Behavioral Improvements?

Article December 1, 2009

The National Behavior Research Coordination Center: Coordinating Research and Implementation of Evidence-Based School Interventions for Children with Serious Behavior Problems

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