Conference Paper June 1, 2014

A Design Inquiry: Bridging Assessment and Curriculum Frameworks to Engage Students in Science Practices

Conference Paper January 1, 2013

Discovery of Community Structures in a Heterogeneous Professional Online Network

Socio-technical networks that are heterogeneous in composition of actors and the media through which they interact are becoming common, but opportunities to study the emergent community structure of such networks...

Article June 1, 2011

Exploring Differences in Online Professional Development Seminars with the Community of Inquiry Framework

Four sessions of two professional development seminars were offered to members of an organization. The seminars were voluntary, free of charge, and participants did not receive credit for their attendance....

Chapter January 1, 2010

Teaching Routines to Enhance Collaboration using Classroom Network Technology

This chapter presents an argument for the use of teaching routines (pedagogical patterns) to engage students in collaborative learning activities using the Group Scribbles classroom network technology. Teaching routines are...

Tech Report January 1, 2010

The Bio-Link Career Exploration Web Site Final Report

Article February 1, 2009

Analyzing Online Teacher Networks: Cyber Networks Require Cyber Research Tools

Journal Article January 1, 2009

The Science Behind Nanosunscreens: Learning About Nanoparticulate Ingredients Used To Block The Sun’S Ultraviolet Rays.

Journal Article January 1, 2009

Analyzing Online Social Networking in Professional Learning Communities: Cyber Networks Require Cyber-Research Tools

The authors argue that conceptual and methodological limitations in existing research approaches severely hamper theory building and empirical exploration of teacher learning and collaboration through cyber-enabled networks. They conclude that...

Chapter January 1, 2008

Representational Competence And Chemical Understanding In The High School Chemistry Classroom

Chapter January 1, 2007

Can Nanoscience Be A Catalyst For Education Reform?

Tech Report January 1, 2007

Sustaining A Community Computing Infrastructure For Online Teacher Professional Development: A Case Study Of Designing Tapped In

Community computing has recently grown to become a major research area in human-computer interaction. One of the objectives of community computing is to support computer supported cooperative work among distributed...

Conference Paper April 1, 2006

The Many Challenges Of Designing And Teaching Nanoscience

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