In the news November 17, 2020

Computational thinking in preschool: What, why and how

Phil Vahey, Director of Strategic Research and Innovation for Education, worked with Digital Promise on their exciting new app for early learners

Journal Article July 31, 2020

From the static to the dynamic: Teachers’ varying use of digital technology to support conceptual learning in a curricular activity system

Dynamic representational technologies (DRTs), influenced by the seminal work of James Kaput and colleagues, have been in use in mathematics classrooms for decades. In this paper, we analyze 24 classrooms in the United States where teachers support students’ conceptual learning…


Phil J. Vahey

Phil Vahey, PhD, is director of Strategic Research and Innovation at SRI Education. In this role he works with industry and other partners to bring research findings, results, and knowledge...

December 1, 2018

Generalizability of a Technology-Based Intervention to Enhance Conceptual Understanding in Mathematics

Three previously reported experiments found that a technology-enhanced intervention increased student conceptual understanding of mathematics in Texas. To investigate generalizability to broader populations and settings, we triangulate among three methods....

Journal Article May 9, 2018

The evidence based curriculum design framework: Leveraging diverse perspectives in the design process

The ubiquity of touchscreen, mobile tablet technology has resulted in a plethora of “apps for learning” yet few leverage the learning sciences as a design driver. This paper describes our approach to integrating the learning sciences with best practices in…

Tech Report March 1, 2018

What parents talk about when they talk about learning: A national survey about young children and science

This study used a nationally representative parent survey, combined with in-depth interviews and home visits with a smaller sample of families, to learn how parents of young children, particularly low-income...

Conference Paper June 1, 2015

Early Math with Gracie & Friends (Tm) Demo: App-Infused Curriculum and Teacher Support for Preschool

This paper describes the Early Math with Gracie & Friends™ preschool math curriculum based on the four-year, National Science Foundation-funded Next Generation Preschool Math project. Our team developed and published...

Article March 1, 2015

Scaling a Technology-Based Innovation: Windows on the Evolution of Mathematics Teachers’ Practices

This paper reports research on effects on teachers’ classroom practices resulting from their engagement in sustained professional development and classroom teaching of a resource that embeds carefully designed dynamic technology...

Article February 1, 2014

Teaching and Assessing Foundational Data Literacy

It is in the public interest for the citizenry to be more data literate. A more data literate citizenry is likely to be a more informed citizenry, and an informed...

Chapter January 1, 2014

Designing Geospatial Exploration Activities To Build Hydrology Understanding In Middle School Students

Article October 1, 2013

Cornerstone Mathematics: Designing Digital Technology for Teacher Adaptation and Scaling

We report the results of a design-based research project in England that embeds digital technology. The research followed from two phases in the USA: (1) a design phase that used...

Chapter October 1, 2013

Sustainable Use of Dynamic Representational Environments: Toward a District-Wide Adoption of SimCalc-Based Materials

In this chapter, we will discuss pilot research in our multiyear effort aimed at aiding a large, urban school district in the state of Florida to adopt SimCalc MathWorlds® as...

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