C. Raymond Perrault

Ray Perrault supports business development and special projects in SRI International’s Information and Computing Sciences Division. From 1988 to 2017, he led SRI’s Artificial Intelligence Center, which creates new technology...

Conference Paper 2012

Making Industry Partnership Work in ATE: Insights from Targeted Research

Community colleges and their industry partners need insight into how to coordinate their resources to address changing workforce training needs. This poster illustrates how to check progress in building partnership...

Conference Paper 2011

Identifying agreement and disagreement in conversational speech: A cross-lingual study

This paper presents models for detecting agreement/disagreement between speakers in English and Arabic broadcast conversation shows. We explore a variety of features, including lexical, structural, durational, and prosodic features. We...

Conference Paper 2011

Detection of agreement and disagreement in broadcast conversations

We present Conditional Random Fields based approaches for detecting agreement/disagreement between speakers in English broadcast conversation shows. We develop annotation approaches for a variety of linguistic phenomena. Various lexical, structural,...

Tech Report 2009

High School Reform in Chicago Public Schools: Autonomous Management and Performance Schools (Part Four of a Series of Five Reports)

The Autonomous Management and Performance Schools Program (AMPS) in the Chicago Public Schools is designed to grant high-performing and/or promising schools certain academic, programmatic, and operational freedoms. The underlying premise...

Article 2008

Inor 121-Adventures in Actinide Coordination Chemistry with Raymond Ligands

Journal Article 2004

Closing The Digital Divide: Evaluation Of The World Links Program

In response to this digital divide between developed and developing countries in their use of computers to prepare students for the global economy, the World Bank and, subsequently, the World...

Conference Paper 2001

Pushing The Boundaries Of Technology In American Classrooms

Tech Report 2000

The Online Course Experience: Evaluation Of The Virtual High School’S Third Year Of Implementation

The Virtual High School (VHS) is a consortium of high schools that offer network-based courses taught by consortium teachers for students in participating schools. Each school contributes at least one...

Tech Report 1999

Globe Year 4 Evaluation: Evolving Implementation Practices

Article 1991

Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Construction Planning

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Center, AIC

Conference Paper 1990

A Centralized Approach for Representing and Resolving Interactions Among Multi-agent Tasks while Planning Hierarchically

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Center, AIC

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