Article August 4, 2020

Measuring Chinese middle school students’ motivation using the Reduced Instructional Materials Motivation Survey (RIMMS): A validation study in the adaptive learning setting

Valid measures of student motivation can inform the design of learning environments to engage students and maximize learning gains. This study validates a measure of student motivation, the Reduced Instructional Materials Motivation Survey (RIMMS), with a sample of Chinese middle…

Featured innovators, Startup, Story August 4, 2020

Featured Innovator: Rich Mahoney, Seismic

Mahoney is the founder of Seismic, an SRI International spinoff venture that is using robotics to write the future of wearable technology

Article April 13, 2020

Acute Cognitive Effects of the Hypocretin Receptor Antagonist Almorexant Relative to Zolpidem and Placebo: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Study objectives: Hypnotic medications can adversely affect behavior during unanticipated awakenings during the night. Animals treated with the hypocretin receptor antagonist almorexant (ALM) have less acute cognitive impairment compared to the GABAA receptor modulator zolpidem (ZOL). This study aimed to determine…

Tech Report March 16, 2020

Deep Adaptive Semantic Logic (DASL): Compiling Declarative Knowledge into Deep Neural Networks

We introduce Deep Adaptive Semantic Logic (DASL), a novel framework for automating the generation of deep neural networks that incorporates user-provided formal knowledge to improve learning from data. We provide formal semantics that demonstrate that our knowledge representation captures all…

Announcements March 16, 2020

Largest-ever study of impact of Open Educational Resources in college reveals benefits of introducing OER courses on a broad scale along a degree pathway will take hold. “The courses were still being implemented through the life of the grant,” said Richard Sebastian, director of Open and Digital Learning at...

Story November 8, 2019

A brief introduction to quantum computing

...of computers as represented by Turing machines,” Beinoff showed that computers could operate under the laws of quantum mechanics. Shortly thereafter, Richard Feynmann (1982) wrote a paper titled “Simulating Physics...

Case Study Seismic

Wearable robotics for human augmentation


Richard J. Waldinger

Richard Waldinger, Ph.D., focuses on applying automatic deduction to artificial intelligence and software engineering. His research areas include program synthesis and verification, and planning. He has studied the use of...


Grit Denker

...# Title Inventors US serial # Date 5913-2 ADAPTABLE INPUT/OUTPUT DEVICE Senanayake, Rukman; Denker, Grit; Lincoln, Patrick D.; Kornbluh, Roy D.; Lincoln, Sierra J.; Heydt, Richard P.; Aukes, Daniel M.;...


Richard C. Adamo

In Richard C. Adamo’s long career at SRI, he has focused primarily on electrostatic charging of aircraft and spacecraft, and the effects of lightning, EMP, and other electromagnetic phenomena. Since...


Richard Leighton

Richard Leighton, Ph.D. has research interests in wave mechanics and oceanography, remote sensing, and computational fluid dynamics. He started his career at the Remote Sensing Division, Naval Research Laboratory, and...

Tech Report October 1, 2018

Participant Experiences and Financial Impacts: Findings from Year 2 of Achieving the Dream’s OER Degree Initiative

This report presents findings from Achieving the Dream’s Open Education Resources (OER) Degree Initiative, which helps colleges reduce the financial burden on students and improve curriculum and pedagogy by developing...

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