Story November 8, 2019


the agency started looking at where else the U.S. could have a strategic advantage by developing new technologies. The ability to communicate over a connected network of computers, something like...

Story September 11, 2019

Tech history: the story behind Stanford’s satellite dish hiking trail in Palo Alto

when the Dish intercepted powerful Soviet radars well enough to detail their signal characteristics. This investigation was carried out not by SRI, however, but by a local defense contractor. “Beyond...


Anushka Goonawardena

to identify specific electroencephalogram (EEG) biomarkers that are associated with cognitive deficits in schizophrenia. Prior to joining SRI, Goonawardena worked at Wake Forest University, NC as a postdoctoral fellow in...


Robert Yates

at public health research and health IT companies in the DC metropolitan area. Yates received an M.S. degree in management from Boston University and has a B.A. degree in English....

Tech Report June 2017

Evaluating Digital Learning for Adult Basic Literacy and Numeracy

of jobs expected to dominate in the future. And current federal- and state-funded adult basic education (ABE) programs, the main providers of skill development and training programs for this population,...

Tech Report March 2017

How big is that? Reporting the Effect Size and Cost of ASSISTments in the Maine Homework Efficacy Study

standardized mathematics assessment as compared with a control group that continued with existing homework practices.” (Roschelle, Feng, Murphy & Mason, 2016). We reported an effect size of g = 0.18...

Tech Report August 2016

Evaluation of World Bicycle Relief’s Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program: South Africa Opportunity Study

to school and increased on-time arrival, as well as self-reported claims of improvements in academic performance. The study also finds a number of challenges to frequent ridership, and offers programmatic...

Article 2014

Novel Human Radiation Exposure Biomarker Panel Applicable for Population Triage

PURPOSE: To identify a panel of radiation-responsive plasma proteins that could be used in a point-of-care biologic dosimeter to detect clinically significant levels of ionizing radiation exposure....

Tech Report 2014

Recruiting Participants for Large-Scale Random Assignment Experiments in School Settings

Recruitment is a key challenge for researchers conducting any large school-based study, especially random assignment studies where researchers require certain level of control over experimental conditions and intervention implementation. Such...

Conference Paper 2014

Using Analytics for Improving Implementation Fidelity in a Large Scale Efficacy Trial

Conference Paper 2014

Implementation of an Intelligent Tutoring System for Online Homework Support at Large Scale

Conference Paper 2014

Implementation of an Intelligent Tutoring System for Online Homework Support in an Efficacy Trial

...implementation of ITS in school settings has not been researched thoroughly. In this paper, we describe an ongoing randomized controlled trial (RCT) to evaluate the efficacy of a web-based tutoring...

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