Neil Seftor

...and universities, and loan repayment and fellowship programs for the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Seftor examined the effects of teacher...

The Dish TV

Robert Herman talks about REscan

Innovation, Story


...origin in an ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) funded project, developed fifty years ago under the supervision of visionaries like Bob Taylor and Lawrence Roberts. In the Spring of 1968,...

Research and development, Story

Tech history: the story behind Stanford’s satellite dish hiking trail in Palo Alto

...of The SRI Journal features a luring headline: “SRI Volunteers Use ‘Big Dish’ to Save Scientific Space Satellite.” A team of scientists led by Robert Leonard, Director of the SRI...


Robert Yates

Robert Yates is senior manager, Federal Partnerships, Health at SRI International. In this role he manages SRI’s business development efforts in support of all civilian federal government health programs and...

Article March 28, 2019

Fast, Full Chip Image Stitching of Nanoscale Integrated Circuits

Article September 22, 2018

Development of a biodosimeter for radiation triage using novel blood protein biomarker panels in humans and non-human primates

Article September 22, 2018

Development of a point-of-care radiation biodosimeter: studies using novel protein biomarker panels in non-human primates

Tech Report June 1, 2017

Evaluating Digital Learning for Adult Basic Literacy and Numeracy

More than 36 million adults in the United States do not have the basic literacy and math skills needed for many entry-level jobs and even less so for the types...

Tech Report March 1, 2017

How big is that? Reporting the Effect Size and Cost of ASSISTments in the Maine Homework Efficacy Study

In a rigorous evaluation of ASSISTments as an online homework support conducted in the state of Maine, SRI International reported that “the intervention significantly increased student scores on an end-of-the-year...

Article November 30, 2016

Online mathematics homework increases student achievement

Tech Report August 1, 2016

Evaluation of World Bicycle Relief’s Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program: South Africa Opportunity Study

School children in rural communities often must walk long distances to school, jeopardizing attendance and achievement. Through its Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program (BEEP), World Bicycle Relief (WBR) provides rural...

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