Article March 28, 2019

Fast, Full Chip Image Stitching of Nanoscale Integrated Circuits

Article April 1, 2015

Enabling Smart Camera Networks with Smartphone Processors

Distributed smart cameras exploit smartphone processor performance in their node communication and video metadata exchange, allowing the network to collectively reason in interpreting the scene, generating alerts, and making decisions.

Conference Paper May 1, 2014

Forensic Prescreening System Using Coded Aperture Snapshot Spectral Imager

We present a camera system for instantaneous, non-destructive capture of spectral signatures for forensic analysis. Our system detects highly probative samples in the forensic scene mixed by the multiple target...

Conference Paper June 1, 2013

An Embedded Vision Services Framework for Heterogeneous Accelerators

This paper describes an architecture framework using heterogeneous hardware accelerators for embedded vision applications. This approach leverages the recent single-chip heterogeneous FPGAs that combine powerful multicore processors with extensive programmable...

Article November 1, 2012

Vision Guided Compression on Low-Bit Rate Channels

Full motion video (FMV) in unreliable, low-bit rate network channels suffers from quality issues such as jitter and block artifacts. In this paper, we introduce Vision Guided Compression (VGC), as...

Conference Paper June 1, 2012

Stereo Vision Embedded System for Augmented Reality

Stereo Vision processing is a critical component of Augmented Reality systems that rely on the precise depth map of a scene to properly place computer generated objects with real life...

Conference Paper June 1, 2012

Salience-Based Compression: Providing FMV Over Low-Bit Rate Channels

We introduce Salience-Based Compression (SBC), a vision-guided pre-filtering technology, coupled with standards-based video coding. SBC works by detecting and tracking salient features and keeping them sharp; non-salient features are lowpass...

Conference Paper May 1, 2012

Multi-Resolution Real-Time Dense Stereo Vision Processing in FPGA

High-performance dense stereo is a critical component of computer vision applications like 3D reconstruction, robot navigation, and augmented reality. In this paper, we present a low-power, high performance FPGA implementation...

Article April 1, 2012

Extended Motion Adaptive Signal Integration Technique for Real-Time Image Enhancement

Fast moving cameras often generate distorted and blurred images characterized by reduced sharpness (due to motion blur) and insufficient dynamic range. Reducing sensor integration times to minimize blur are often...

Conference Paper July 1, 2011

Method of Image Fusion and Enhancement Using Mask Pyramid

Image fusion is an important visualization technique of integrating coherent spatial and temporal information into a compact form. Laplacian fusion is a process that combines regions of images from different...

Conference Paper June 1, 2011

Mask Pyramid Methodology for Enhanced Localization in Image Fusion and Enhancement

Image fusion is a process that combines regions of images from different sources into a single fused image based on a salience selection rule for each region. In this paper,...

Article January 1, 2010

Special Issue on Embedded Vision

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