SRI Alumni Association

The Alumni Association promotes interactions with SRI and other alumni for mutual benefit. Our vision is to facilitate communication between Alumni and SRI staff by providing institutional memory, mentoring, and other support, and by participating in meetings and social occasions. We are assisted by many volunteers and advisors, whose efforts are warmly acknowledged.

The Association also serves as a focal point to help members stay in touch with each other through annual social gatherings, and to keep abreast of the professional and retirement activities of other alumni.


If you would like to Join the SRI Alumni Association, please fill out our Membership Form.

Contact Us

Please use the Contact Us form on this page to send your comments, questions, attempts to find missing alumni, or suggestions for updates.

You can also send us a letter at the following address:

SRI Alumni Association
333 Ravenswood Ave., AC-108
Menlo Park, CA  94025-3493


Our Charter


To promote interactions with SRI and other alumni for mutual benefit.


Alumni interacting with SRI staff by providing institutional memory, mentoring, and other support, as well as by participating in meetings and social occasions.

Structure and Activities


All SRI Alumni and spouses are eligible for membership. A small annual membership fee enables the Association to be self-supporting. These fees and donations are primarily used to pay for the publication and mailing costs of periodic mailings to its members, and for the Spring Fling and Annual Reunions. All officers of the Association serve on a volunteer, non-compensated, basis.

The Finance Committee Chairperson is responsible for maintaining the financial records for the Association and to report the current financial status to the Steering Committee each month.  In addition, the committee prepares an annual financial statement that is published each year in the April issue of the Newsletter, which is sent to all Members.


The Association is an official SRI organization. The activities of the Association are directed by a Steering Committee of Alumni representatives of SRI units, working with the Vice President of Human Resources. Steering Committee members nominally serve for three years but may serve longer if a suitable replacement cannot be identified and the member agrees to serve. A committee member who becomes inactive may be removed by a majority vote of the Committee. The Committee will elect its own chairperson. The Vice President of Human Resources will be an ex-officio member of the Committee. The Committee will meet at least quarterly but usually on a monthly basis.


Association Members will be kept informed of SRI and Alumni news and activities through periodic mailings and/or emails.

Social Occasions

An Annual Meeting will be held, to which all members will be invited. The meeting will normally be held on a work day to facilitate contact between members and staff. Other social occasions may be arranged by association members.

Use of SRI Resources

The Association has access to SRI resources (such as copying machines, report production and mail room) for communication with Members. Paper and postage charges are paid for by the  Association. Individual SRI Alumni members do not have access to SRI or its resources for personal use.

SRI Golf Club

The SRI Golf Club enjoys monthly golf tournaments at different courses around the Bay Area (from Napa to Monterey and east to Livermore), a Tuesday twilight league during the summer months at a local course (currently Moffett Field) and occasional special events (e.g., golf week in Hawaii). At the end of the year, there is a club banquet with food, drinks, door prizes and awards.

Membership consists of men and women of all skill levels who enjoy golf and camaraderie. Membership is open to all SRI staff and family, alumni and their friends. Annual dues ($71 in 2016 for active and retired SRI staff; $76 for non-staff) include membership in the Northern California Golf Association. Come join.

SRI Federal Credit Union

The Credit Union provides SRI staff members and alumni with convenient, low-cost, full service banking activities. It is located in the basement of the main building of SRI International in Menlo Park, CA and is accessible to all alumni during normal business hours. Electronic banking functions are also available. For more information, contact the SRI Federal Credit Union.

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