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Awards to Staff by Professional Societies

Our innovative contributions are often acknowledged at the corporate and individual levels by technical societies, national organizations, and professional associations. We are proud to feature some of our awards here.

American Association for the Advancement of Science—Fellows

For advancements in applications that promote and communicate the benefits of science and science education throughout society.

2010 Thomas Kilduff 1986 William F. Miller 
1997 David R. Crosley 1986 Nils Nilsson
1995 Peter G. Neumann 1985 Felix T. Smith
1991 James R. Peterson 1981 David M. Golden
1990 Barbara J. Grosz 1967 David C. Jones
  1960 Oswald G. Villard

American Association for the Advancement of Science—Women in Science

For outstanding work in science and engineering, and for their compelling personal stories about the challenges they faced in the pursuit of a scientific career.

2002 Nora Sabelli

American Association for Artificial Intelligence—Fellows

For accomplishments in theory, technology, and applications that promote intelligent behavior in machines.

2000 Leslie Pack Kaelbling 1991 Richard J. Waldinger
1998 David E. Wilkins 1990 Richard Duda
1996 Martha E. Pollack 1990 Richard E. Fikes
1995 Michael P. Georgeff 1990 Barbara J. Grosz
1995 Kurt Konolige 1990 Peter Hart
1993 Cordell C. Green 1990 Nils Nilsson
1992 Philip R. Cohen 1990 C. Raymond Perrault
1992 Jerry Robert Hobbs 1990 Charles A. Rosen
1992 Mark E. Stickel 1990 Stanley J. Rosenschein
1991 Robert S. Boyer 1990 Jay M. Tenenbaum
1991 J Strother Moore 1990 Donald E. Walker
1991 Robert C. Moore 1990 Andrew Witkin
1991 Fernando C. N. Pereira  

American Chemical Society Awards

For outstanding achievements in research in the diverse fields of the chemical sciences.

Ripudaman Malhotra
2015 Henry Storch Award in Fuel Science

Don McMillen
1995 Henry Storch Award in Fuel Chemistry

David Golden
1990 Creative Advances in Environmental Science and Technology

Sidney Benson
1986 Irving Langmuir Award in Chemical Physics
1977 George Olah Award in Petroleum Chemistry

Karl Folkers
1986 Priestly Medal (highest ACS Award)
1941 Award in Pure Chemistry

Frank Mayo
1967 Award in Polymer Chemistry

American Geophysical Union—Fellows

For significant contributions to earth and space sciences through international, interdisciplinary research and publication.

2008 Thomas Slanger
1993 Margaret A. Tolbert
1962 Oswald G. "Mike" Villard

American Physical Society—Fellows

For achievements that advance knowledge through original research or the application of physics to science and technology.

2000 Lynn Seaman 1986 David R. Crosley
1994 Donald R. Curran 1970 Robert M. Hill
1993 Felix T. Smith 1970 Donald C. Lorents
1990 David L. Huestis 1970 James R. Peterson
1989 Philip C. Cosby 1962 David M. Golden

American Physical Society—George E. Duvall Shock Compression Science Award

For contributions to understanding condensed matter and non-linear physics through shock compression.

2009 Don Curran

Computer Research Association - Distinguished Service Award

For outstanding service to the computing research community.

2013 Peter Neumann

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Computer Society—Harlan D. Mills Award

For longstanding, sustained, and meaningful contributions to the theory and practice of the information sciences, focusing on contributions to the practice of software engineering through the application of sound theory.

2011 John Rushby

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)—Fellows

For professional distinction and proficiency advancing both theory and applications in engineering, electronics, and computing.

2011 Ajay Divakaran 1967 Richard C. Honey
2011 Andreas Stolcke 1966 Tetsu Morita
1999 Donald Nielson 1965 George L. Matthaei
1999 Charles "Capp" Spindt 1964 Kenneth R. Eldredge
1997 Marty Fischler 1964 William E. Evans
1997 Michael Frankel 1964 R.L. Tanner
1996 Ivor Brodie 1962 Marshall C. Pease
1996 Enrique Ruspini 1962 Allen M. Peterson
1993 Peter Neumann 1962 Vincent Salmon
1993 Nachum Shacham 1962 Chen T. Tai
1986 Jack Goldberg 1961 Edgar A. Post
1983 Peter E. Hart 1960 Thomas H. Morrin
1981 John C. Munson 1959 John T. Bolljahn
1980 Richard O. Duda 1959 Seymour R. Cohn
1980 William F. Miller 1959 Low K. Lee
1979 George H. Hagn 1957 William Edson
1974 Charles A. Rosen 1957 Oswald G. "MIke" Villard
1973 Edward M.T. Jones 1956 Archibald S. Brown
1972 Franklin F. Kuo 1956 John V.N. Granger
1971 William H. Kautz 1956 D.B. Harris
1970 Ray L. Leadabrand 1949 Finley S. Carter
1968 Hewitt D. Crane 1948 Ralph M. Heintz
1967 Leo Young 1948 Jesse E. Hobson

International Conference on Automated Deduction (CADE)—Herbrand Award for Distinguished Contributions to Automated Reasoning

For career contributions in automated reasoning and deduction.

2002 Mark Stickel

International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence—Donald E. Walker Distinguished Service Award   

For substantial contributions and extensive service to the field of artificial intelligence.

2011 C. Raymond Perrault

National Institute of Standards and Technology and National Security Agency—Computer System Security Award

For outstanding contributions toward the advancement of computer security technology.

2002 Peter Neumann

National Medal of Technology

The United States' highest science and technology honor for achievements that enhance America's competitiveness and standard of living.

2000 Douglas Engelbart

Oceanography Society - Nils Gunnar Jerlov Award

In recognition of contributions made to the advancement of our knowledge of the nature and consequences of light in the ocean.

2012 Kendall L. Carder

Research Society on Alcoholism—Gordis Award

Given annually for originality of research, significance to the field, quality of abstract, and presentation of their work at the Society's annual meeting.

2008 Natalie Zahr

Research Society on Alcoholism—Henri Begleiter Excellence in Research Award

This award is given annually by the Research Society on Alcoholism to an individual demonstrating innovation or creativity and excellence in their research and/or someone whose work has had a major impact on the field.

2008 Adolf Pfefferbaum

Society for Industrial Microbiology—Charles Porter Award

For sustained service to the Society for Industrial Microbiology.

2002 Kristien Mortelmans

Society for Information Display—Otto Schade Prize

For display performance and image quality

2004 Curtis R. Carlson

Worcester Polytechnic Institute—Robert H. Goddard Alumni Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement

For contributions in technology and science that bring pride and recognition to Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

2002 Curtis R. Carlson

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