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Energy Center

The Energy Center looks for innovation across all SRI disciplines and applies it to energy challenges faced by clients. Industry and government agencies worldwide benefit from SRI’s scientific expertise and practical know-how, ranging from basic and applied research to developing and testing advanced systems.

Current projects range from technologies to restore power to an electric grid facing a cyberattack, to protecting the safety of our oil and gas infrastructure, to  personal cooling technology.  Many of our technologies, including gas separation technologies suitable for carbon capture, material to enable radiative cooling, and low-cost routes to silicon, are ready to be commercialized and available for license. 

SRI has demonstrated and scaled up new ideas developed by clients, in collaboration with partners, or developed through independent research. Specialized infrastructure used to develop energy technologies includes our wave tank and Corral Hollow Experiment Site (CHES), an ideal location to examine safety issues associated with adopting new fuels such as hydrogen or natural gas.

Energy Brochures

Carbon Capture Personal Cooling
Energy Efficient Windows STATIC Polymer Film for Radiative Cooling