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Our People

Richard C. Adamo
Principal Engineer, Space and Marine Technology Laboratory
John Allen
Senior Program Director, Communications, Radar and Sensing Program
Senior Research Engineer, Ocean Modeling
Marcy Berding
Director, Chemistry and Materials
Research Engineer, Geospace Studies
Yigal Blum
Associate Director, Chemistry and Materials
Robert A. Brown
Director, Security and Survivability
Joseph Broz
Vice President, Advanced Science, ATSD
Andres Cardenas-Valencia
Senior Research Engineer, Sensing and Domain Awareness
David Cooper
Director, Sensing and Diagnostics
William Kevin Ham
Program Manager, Center for Information Management and Cybersecurity
Indira Jayaweera
Senior Staff Scientist and Program Leader, Chemistry and Materials
Kostas Kalogerakis
Program Manager, Geospace Studies
Michael G. Kane
Senior Principal Research Scientist, Security and Survivability
John Kelly
Senior Program Director, Geospace Studies
Project Manager, Geospace Studies
Bruce Knoth
Senior Software Engineer, Robotic Systems
Principal Research Engineer, Robotic Systems
Srini Krishnamurthy
Senior Principal Scientist and Program Manager, Security and Survivability
Chris Lantman
Director, Program Development, Advanced Technology & Systems Division
Senior Research Engineer, Ocean Modeling
Thomas P. Low
Director, Medical Systems and Telerobotics, Robotic Systems
Senior Research Engineer, Ocean Modeling
Research Scientist, Ocean Modeling
K. Grant Palmer
Director, Sensing and Domain Awareness
Ronald E. Pelrine
Chief Scientist, Robotics Program
 mark petrie
Senior Staff Scientist, Advanced Technology & Systems Division
Senior Research Engineer, Signals and Space Technology Laboratory
Research Engineer, Ocean Modeling
R. Timothy Short
Chemical Sensors Group Manager, Sensing and Domain Awareness
Tom G. Slanger
Senior Staff Scientist, Geospace Studies
Gregory Smith
Senior Research Chemist, Geospace Studies