Our People


Maryka Quik of SRI International
Director, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Center for Health Sciences
Joseph Rogers
Acting President and Executive Director of Special Projects, SRI Biosciences
Lidia Sambucetti
Senior Director, Cancer Research Technologies, Discovery Technologies
Nathalie Scholler
Director, Cancer Immunology, Center for Cancer
Tilman Schulte
Program Director, Functional Imaging, Center for Health Sciences
Michael D. Schwartz
Research Scientist, Neuroanatomy and Autism Research, Center for Neuroscience
Gita Shankar
Director, Formulations R&D, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Paul Stein
Co-Director of Center for Immunology
Mary Tanga
Director, Medicinal & Synthetic Chemistry
Alexia Thomas
Postdoctoral Fellow, Neuroanatomy and Autism Research, Center for Neuroscience
Visiting Fellow, Brown Laboratory, Macromolecular Sciences
Jacqueline Vazquez-DeRose
Research Scientist, Behavioral Neurochemistry, Center for Neuroscience
Thomas Voss
Executive Director and Section Head of Discovery Biology; Senior Director, Center for Infectious Diseases; and Deputy Site Head for SRI Shenandoah Valley, SRI Biosciences
Tanya Wallace
Senior Program Director, Translational Research, Center for Neuroscience
Denong Wang
Distinguished Scientist and Senior Program Director, Tumor Glycomics Laboratory, Center for Cancer
Tony Wang
Research Scientist, Virology, Center for Infectious Diseases
Feng Wang-Johanning
Director, Viral Oncology
 Thomas Webb
Director, Webb Laboratory, Medicinal & Synthetic Chemistry
Rhîannan H. Williams
Postdoctoral Scientist, Cellular Physiology and Neural Circuitry, Center for Neuroscience
Sarah Wurts Black
Research Scientist, Narcolepsy Research and Therapeutics, Center for Neuroscience
Natalie Zahr
Program Director, Translational Imaging, Center for Health Sciences
Wei Zhou
Research Scientist, Webb Laboratory, Medicinal & Synthetic Chemistry