Angel Sanjurjo, Director Emeritus, Materials Research Laboratory, Physical Sciences Division | SRI International

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Angel Sanjurjo

Director Emeritus, Chemistry and Materials

During Angel Sanjurjo's 25-plus year career at SRI International, he has specialized in production of inorganic materials and coatings, process development, semiconductor technology, extractive metallurgy, and solar energy conversion.

Research work under his leadership has led to significant advances in

  • Semiconductor technology: production, purification, casting, crystal growth, and physico-chemical characterization of Si, GaAs materials, and solar cells

  • Coatings: metallic and ceramic coatings for improved corrosion and oxidation resistance

  • Thin films: production of films for semiconductor, superconductor, and optoelectronic applications; production of oxides, nitride, carbides, fluorides, borides, sulfide powders, and coatings

  • Pollution abatement: combustion gas cleanup

  • Degradation of materials at high temperatures: metals and ceramics in combustion environments

  • Techno-economic feasibility studies

In addition to his research work at SRI, Sanjurjo has experience in sales and marketing for XEROX as well as computer-assisted instruction at Stanford University, the University of Texas at Austin, and the University of Illinois in Urbana. He was an associate, assistant professor, and doctoral research fellow at the University of Santiago, Spain.

Angel Sanjurjo