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Barbara Heydorn

Senior Director, Energy Center

Barbara Heydorn is senior director of SRI International's Energy Center. In that role, she directs SRI’s business development opportunities in the energy arena, shaping the strategy that links SRI’s R&D capabilities to market needs. SRI’s Energy Center enables multidisciplinary efforts to address important energy problems, from developing alternative energy sources to using conventional resources in a more sustainable manner.

Previously, Heydorn was part of SRI Consulting Business Intelligence, where she tracked developments in fuel cells for the Explorer program. Explorer analyzes commercial opportunities arising from technology developments and evaluates them along six commercialization vectors.

While at SRI Consulting, she conducted single-client studies and was an active contributor to several chemical marketing-research programs, including the Chemical Economics Handbook Program, the Specialty Chemicals Update Program, and China Report: Chemical Product Trends.

Heydorn’s past experience also includes conducting market research and competitive-analysis studies and in formulating competitive strategy. She has lead teams to conduct technical due diligence, strategic studies for companies considering entering new business areas, and scenarios to help companies plan their technology strategies. Analyses have included industry structure and market dynamics, market share, competitor profiles, technology sourcing, and quantification of the existing market and growth opportunities.

Heydorn received her MBA from Santa Clara University, with a concentration in quantitative approaches to business problems, and holds a B.S. degree in chemistry from the University of Redlands.

Barbara Heydorn