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Catherine Y Hall

Education Researcher, Center for Education Policy

Catherine Yohe Hall, an education researcher in SRI International’s Education Division, specializes in the programming and administration of online surveys; assisting project staff in careful collection procedures that maximize response rates while ensuring data quality. The complex surveys she creates allow users to completely customize their experience in a way that minimizes respondent effort while targeting the data needed for the study. In addition, she uses advanced Excel functions to custom-design workbooks for various data entry, manipulation, and validation tasks. She has also built databases in Access to facilitate the entry and coding of qualitative data.

Hall has worked on various projects throughout the Education Division including: the National Writing Project's College-Ready Writers Program, which provides professional development on writing instruction for secondary teachers in rural areas; Center for Innovative Research in Cyberlearning (CIRCL) – connecting and exploring researchers’ perspectives in digital learning to make significant and lasting improvements to STEM education; Evaluation of the California Subject Matter Projects – a study of the effectiveness of the California Subject Matter Project's professional development, which offers discipline-specific professional training to teachers across California; SunBay Digital Mathematics – SRI is replacing traditional middle school mathematics units with a set of “peak experiences” that provide a more engaging and meaningful way to interact with the subject; Closing the Rural Education Math Gap – and evaluation of Virginia Advanced Study Strategies (VASS) Rural Math Excel Partnership (RMEP); and the Evaluation of Rocketship Students’ Middle School Outcomes – SRI is examining middle school outcomes of Rocketship alumni and their peers who attended non-Rocketship elementary schools.

Before joining SRI, Hall taught Mathematics for 3 years at Williamsburg Middle School in Arlington, VA. Hall holds a M.Ed. degree from Marymount University and a B.A. degree in mathematics and Spanish from the College of William and Mary.