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Cornelia Taylor

Early Childhood Researcher, SRI Education

Cornelia Taylor, Ph.D., brings expertise in assessment, including item-response theory, and classic testing theory. Taylor is an experienced provider of TA, having worked with numerous states on interpreting and using early childhood data. She also supports states in state accountability progress reporting (APR) data on outcomes and other indicators.

Taylor leads the extant data collection of the Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences-funded project examining the validity of the child outcomes summary (COS) process, and collaborative data collection for the Office of Special Education Programs-funded Model Demonstration Projects on providing assistive technology to young children with disabilities. Taylor provides TA to states through the Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center, The Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems, The IDEA Data Center, and The National Center for Systemic Improvement.

Taylor has led and supported several other research projects at SRI, including the Connecticut Standards Alignment project and the Texas Early Intervention Service Intensity study. She has also taught classes at San Francisco State University on educating young children with and without disabilities.

Before coming to SRI, Taylor worked as a data manager for California’s Desired Results access Project, a statewide assessment development and implementation project. Through that work, she conducted analysis for quality assurance and program improvement and shared results with the state of California and interested local programs.

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Cornelia Taylor