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Csaba Szabo

Manager, Business Development, Global Partnerships

Csaba Szabo identifies strategic opportunities with commercial partners across different industries and geographies. He also provides market intelligence and insights on innovative business models and technology trends.

Before joining SRI, Szabo founded Accelerating Impact, Inc. to help launch Silicon Valley companies in Europe and to advise global organizations on disruptive technology developments. Earlier, he was head of business development for GDF SUEZ Hungary, where he developed new ways to grow business in Hungary and the Balkans. Prior to that, he was strategy and integration director for E-Star Alternative Plc., where he developed a new corporate business model and expansion strategy, which he implemented in Poland, Hungary, and Romania. He also spent more than four years as a management consultant, gaining experience in several industries, including energy, telecommunications and information technology.
Szabo has participated in corporate boards, innovation management programs, and entrepreneurship initiatives, and is often invited to speak on ways to exponentially advance technology’s impact on traditional industries. He completed Singularity University’s 10-week Graduate Studies Program on exponential technology trends. He holds a B.S. degree in economics and an M.S. degree in corporate finance from the University of Babeș-Bolyai, as well as an M.S. degree in management from Stanford University.

Csaba Szabo