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Donald C. Arns, Jr.

Associate Director, Space and Marine Technology Laboratory

Donald C. Arns, Jr. draws upon his long history at SRI to effectively lead large and small projects, to work well with a variety of clients, to achieve business development success in both the space and marine domains, and to work closely with teams throughout the Engineering R&D Division and across SRI.

Arns has expertise in R&D project leadership; technical personnel management; systems engineering, integration, and testing; system architecture and specification development; earth station development; satellite payload development; geolocation technologies; and EMP and lightning protection.

Arns joined SRI in 1984 as a project manager. Since then, he has led several R&D efforts, including design and development of a compact space payload for use in U.S. Air Force space weather prediction; a four-year project for the Defense Nuclear Agency to evaluate the vulnerability of telecommunications systems to major electromagnetic effects; and a project to redesign the communications and data management system of the Bay Area Freeway Service Patrol for the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

Before joining SRI, Arns held roles at the Naval Electronic Systems Engineering Center (NESEC), including group supervisor; senior engineer; program manager, project leader, and team leader for numerous air traffic control, radar, communications, and intelligence systems.

He is the author or co-author of several technical reports, and holds four patents for magnetic encoding technologies.

Arns has a B.S. degree from Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, and an M.B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley.

Don Arns