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Eric Snow

Senior Researcher, Center for Technology in Learning

Eric Snow, Ph.D., specializes in using evidence-based frameworks to design, develop, and validate assessments, particularly innovative measures of STEM constructs. He has conducted validation studies and developed validation frameworks for performance-based measures of computational thinking, information and communication technology literacy, and teacher candidates’ readiness for classroom practice. He has also both led and supported evaluation projects on the integration of technology into K–12 contexts, informal science education in afterschool contexts, and teacher reform.

Snow is principal investigator of a suite of projects for the National Science Foundation that are

  • applying evidence-centered design (ECD) to develop a model of the knowledge and skills underlying computational thinking and design patterns to guide the development of assessments measuring those skills;
  • applying the design patterns to guide the creation of innovative assessments for an introductory high school science curriculum and piloting and validating these assessments;
  • using the assessments and other measures to investigate how implementation of the curriculum impacts students' computational thinking practices; and
  • investigating the design and delivery of high-quality assessment literacy materials and sustainable, ongoing training as part of teacher professional development workshops.

In other ongoing research, Dr. Snow is partnering with MIT and EdUHK on a four-year evaluation of the impacts of an innovative pilot program to teach computer programming and computational thinking to students ages 9–11 in 32 Hong Kong schools.  

Eric Snow