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Erin Harless

Research Analyst, Center for Education Policy

Erin Harless is a research analyst in SRI International's Center for Education Policy. She conducts research on teaching quality, teacher development and evaluation, and college and career readiness. Harless is the project manager for The Evaluation of the California Subject Matters Project (CSMP), a network of discipline-specific projects that support ongoing professional development. The partnership with CSMP aims to provide project staff with formative feedback for continuous improvement and to build the research capacity of the CSMP.

Harless also works on the Evaluation of the McKnight Foundation’s Pathway Schools Initiative, the Evaluation of the New Leaders Emerging Leaders Program, and the Evaluation of CSU Chico’s TQP grant: PRISMS. Her project responsibilities include research instrument development, data collection, analysis and reporting. She works with clients to disseminate research findings in a variety of formats, including comprehensive reports, public research briefs and webinars.

Past projects have included the Evaluation of the Pathway to Academic Success i3 grant, an evaluation of a professional development program focused on secondary students’ academic English skills, and the Evaluation of California’s Linked Learning District Initiative, a study of district implementation of an approach to better prepare students for both career and college.

Before joining SRI, Harless worked in the Research and Evaluation department at Citizen Schools as a graduate intern, where she conducted an internal evaluation of former participants’ outcomes in post-secondary education. Harless has also worked as a small-group instructor at an urban elementary charter school for English learners in Boston, Massachusetts.

Harless holds an Ed.M. in educational policy and management from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She earned her B.A. in public policy studies with a minor in Spanish from Duke University


Erin Harless