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Kaeli Keating

Research Analyst, Center for Education Policy

Kaeli Keating, Ph.D., specializes in evaluating high school reform, particularly relative to preparing underrepresented students for postsecondary learning. Keating is experienced in a variety of qualitative and quantitative data collection methods and analyses, the analysis of state and federal education policies, and program evaluation.

Since 2002, she has been the project director on th Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Evaluation of the Early College High School Initiative (ECHSI). The ECHSI evaluates the network of schools established by 13 intermediaries across the United States with specific interest in the implementation, instruction, and sustainability of participating early colleges.

Keating is the deputy project director for Supports for Postsecondary Success for At-Risk Youth, funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Using case studies drawn nationally, the study will generate lessons from the field on successful strategies to prevent high school dropout and to prepare at-risk youth for postsecondary education. Keating also serves as the project manager for the evaluation of the Human Resources Pilot—one of three human capital initiatives funded under the Massachusetts Race to the Top award (Evaluation of Massachusetts' Human Capital Management Initiatives)—to examine pilot districts’ strategies to implement aligned human resources policies that affect teacher and teaching quality .

Recently, Keating was a study director for the Evaluation of the Texas High School Project, a four-year longitudinal study of a statewide initiative to improve high school education outcomes, sponsored by the Texas Education Agency. She was also involved in the National Evaluation of the Teacher Incentive Fund program, a large federal program designed to increase the use of financial incentives for school administrators and teachers. Keating also served as deputy director for the Carnegie Corporation’s Schools for a New Society Initiative, a project that evaluated seven large and midsize districts’ efforts to reform their high schools. Keating co-led Bridging the Divide: High School and College Dual Enrollment, a project funded by the U.S. Department of Education that examined the influence of state and local K–12 and postsecondary policies on the implementation of local dual enrollment programs for high school students.

Before joining SRI, Keating was study director/program officer at the National Academy of Sciences, Board on Testing and Assessment. During her tenure there, she provided staff support for academy committees on education policy and teacher licensure and was co-author of several academy reports.

Keating earned her Ph.D. in education psychology and education policy at the University of Maryland.

Kaeli Keating