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Lynn Voss

Senior Director, Center for Software Engineering

Lynn Voss leads a distributed team of software professionals located at SRI's offices in Menlo Park, California; San Luis Obispo, California; and Helena, Montana.

Voss and his team provide software professionalism to the many engineering and research labs around SRI for a variety of government and commercial clients. Recent significant efforts include signals intelligence, speech technology, artificial intelligence, natural language understanding, 3D data visualization, image data analysis, synthetic aperture radar controls, command and control software, maritime domain awareness, port security, and integration frameworks. In 2007, the combined CSE team received SRI’s Presidential Achievement Award, which honors SRI staff members whose extraordinary contributions have made a positive and lasting impact on the world, SRI's clients, and SRI. Recipients exemplify SRI's values of client focus, vision, perseverance, integrity, excellence, passion, and teamwork.

In 2012, Voss was the lead software engineer and architect of summarization technology for Summly (acquired by Yahoo! in 2013). Previously, Voss was a co-principal investigator for the DARPA-sponsored Machine Reading Program, where he led natural language understanding, probabilistic reasoning, and artificial intelligence integration efforts at SRI; Columbia; PARC; Stanford University; University of Illinois; University of Massachusetts; University of Wisconsin; University of Washington; and Wake Forest University.

Voss was also an engineering manager for the SRI-led Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes (CALO) project under DARPA's Personalized Assistant that Learns (PAL) program. He led the CALO Meeting Assistance project, which included a distributed team at SRI; Adapx; Carnegie-Mellon University; Georgia Tech; MIT; Stanford University; University of California, Santa Cruz; and University of California, Berkeley. The technology was provided through machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques applied to the combined recognition of speech, video, handwriting, and PC interactions.

His ongoing role in multiple projects around SRI includes proposal development, software design, project management, team formation, and mentoring.

Voss holds a B.S. in computer science (summa cum laude) from Montana State University, Bozeman and an MBA with a focus in technology management from the University of Phoenix with recent coursework via Coursera. Voss joined SRI in 1997.

Lynn Voss