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Myles R. McMurchy

Research Analyst, SRI Education

Myles McMurchy has experience with qualitative and quantitative research methods and has worked with school leaders and advocates at the national, state, and local levels. His research interests are in high school reform, charter schools, rural schools, teacher quality, and extracurricular programs.

Before joining SRI, McMurchy worked on behalf of the Vermont House Committee on Education to design a mixed-methods research model for investigating differences between public and independent schools. Previously, McMurchy worked at the Alliance for Excellent Education in Washington, D.C., where he researched support systems for at-risk students. McMurchy also has laboratory experience; in college, he studied the cognitive processes that underlie the K-12 income achievement gap in order to develop research-based interventions for low-income students.

McMurchy holds an A.B. in history and public policy from Dartmouth College, where he graduated magna cum laude with High Honors.