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Naomi Tyler

Research Analyst, Center for Education Policy

Naomi Tyler works on a variety of California-specific research and evaluation projects to understand how different education reforms effect students’ academic and life outcomes. Ms. Tyler is a former classroom teacher and researcher with 10 years of experience studying various programs and policy initiatives. Current projects address teacher preparation, career academies, school and industry partnerships to support work-based learning, and college and career readiness.

Ms. Tyler serves as the Technical Assistance Lead on the Health Career Pathways project with Alameda Heath System (AHS). AHS is a major public health care provider and medical training institution that is engaging in youth development work by providing quality work-based learning experiences in the health sector for disadvantaged youth in Oakland, CA. Their long term aim is to build a system for preparing community youth and young adults for sustainable health care careers. This project has allowed Ms. Tyler to collaborate with client and partner organizations to maximize the potential for meaningful, impactful research, resources, and initiatives.

Ms. Tyler also serves as the survey lead and qualitative researcher on a related project, Oakland’s Health Pathways. This is a collaborative effort between the Oakland Unified School District and health care industry partners to expand and improve career pathways for students.

Ms. Tyler has worked on other multi-year studies relating to career pathways, including  the Evaluation of Linked Learning San Bernardino i3, and California’s Linked Learning District Initiative. Both included an effort to transform high schools through industry-themed programs that integrate rigorous academic instruction with a demanding technical curriculum and work-based learning.

Ms. Tyler recently joined the researchers on The Evaluation of the Next Generation of Educators Initiative. This project evaluates the efforts of eleven California State University campuses to reform their teacher preparation programs to better prepare teachers to teach to new standards. Additionally, it provides technical assistance to the chancellor’s office and participating campuses to improve data systems and analysis to support data-driven decision-making. Ms. Tyler works directly with two CSU campuses conducting qualitative data collection and providing technical assistance via the continuous improvement learning model. 

Before joining SRI, Tyler taught second grade in Gallup, New Mexico, worked in a Head Start program in Massachusetts, and spent four years working as a research analyst on education evaluation studies at Berkeley Policy Associates (BPA). While at BPA, Tyler conducted qualitative and quantitative data collection. She also spent time managing, processing, and analyzing data using Excel, Access, SAS, and Stata.

Tyler holds a B.A. in psychology with honors from Clark University.

Naomi Tyler