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Nikki Shechtman

Senior Educational Researcher, Center for Technology in Learning

Nikki Shechtman, Ph.D., leads research and evaluation projects focused on how learning environments and workplaces can be designed to empower children and adults to succeed in the face of 21st century challenges. 

In addition to content and technical knowledge, people need critical social and emotional competencies—including self-management, knowing how to learn, effective communication, teamwork and everyday problem solving. Shechtman’s work explores how research in education, psychology and other fields can be put into action to improve these capacities, particularly for the most disadvantaged individuals. Merging interests in both mathematics education and the development of social and emotional competencies, her work has focused on promoting the skills children and adults need to thrive at school and work; training teachers to help their students communicate mathematical arguments; designing and evaluating educational technologies that support mathematics learning and motivation; and developing innovative methods for measuring social and emotional processes associated with learning mathematics.

Shechtman has multiple quantitative and qualitative specializations, including conceptual research reviews, large-scale randomized field trials, design research in schools, rigorous assessment development methods, and laboratory experiments. As an example of her work, she and a team of SRI researchers recently completed a report entitled, Empowering Adults to Thrive at Work: Personal Success Skills for 21st Century Jobs. This report reviews promising research and practice, and makes broad recommendations for practice, research, and policy. An earlier report, Promoting Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance: Critical Factors for Success in the 21st Century, focused on advancing these capacities in K-12 schools. Other research has been published in journals in educational research, learning sciences, mathematics education, educational technology design, psychology, human-computer interaction and play studies.

Shechtman earned a B.S. degree in cognitive science from Carnegie Mellon University and a Ph.D. in psychology from Stanford University.

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Nikki Shechtman