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Our People

SRI has 1700 employees worldwide. More than 45 percent have advanced educational degrees, and many are renowned leaders in their fields. Meet some of our people by browsing a category. Interested in joining us? Visit Careers at SRI for information about working at SRI and available positions.

Peter Neumann
Principal Scientist, Computer Science Laboratory
Lynn Newman
Senior Education Researcher, Center for Learning and Development
Hanna Ng
Director, Preclinical Safety, Preclinical Development
Research Analyst, Center for Learning and Development
Computer Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Center
Early Childhood Researcher, Center for Learning and Development
Metabolic Modeler, Artificial Intelligence Center
Programmer/Analyst, Center for Learning and Development
K. Grant Palmer
Director, Sensing and Domain Awareness
Researcher, Center for Education Policy
Jaehyeon Park
Research Associate, Webb Laboratory, Medicinal & Synthetic Chemistry
Education Researcher
Toufan Parman
Director, General Toxicology, Preclinical Development
Senior Education Researcher
Program Manager, Microcircuit Emulation Center, Integrated Systems and Solutions
Ronald E. Pelrine
Chief Scientist, Robotics Program
Xiomara Perez
Research Neuroscientist, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Center for Health Sciences
Ray Perrault of SRI International
Senior Technical Advisor, Information and Computing Sciences Division
Stephanie Perreau-Lenz
Senior Research Scientist, Center for Neuroscience
Eric Peterson
Research Scientist, Center for Health Sciences, SRI Biosciences
Adolf Pfefferbaum, M.D.
Senior Program Director and Distinguished Scientist, Neuroscience, Center for Health Sciences
Senior Research Engineer, Signals and Space Technology Laboratory
Michael Piacentino headshot
Technical Director, Vision Systems Laboratory, Center for Vision Technologies
Research Analyst, Center for Education Policy
Tim Podkul
Principal Researcher, SRI Education
Kilian Pohl
Program Director, Image Analysis, Center for Health Sciences
Phillip Porras
Program Director and Internet Security Group Leader, Computer Science Laboratory
Education Researcher
Contractor, Speech Technology and Research Laboratory
Senior Research Analyst, Center for Innovation Strategy and Policy
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer (Retired), Pacific Telesis Group
Ken Rafanan
Research Social Scientist, Center for Technology in Learning