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Paul Stein

Co-Director of Center for Immunology

Paul Stein, Ph.D., has research interests that focus on signal transduction in modulating T cell responses during autoimmunity and cancer immunotherapy. 

Prior to joining SRI, Stein was on the faculty at the University of Pennsylvania and the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia. He subsequently moved to Northwestern University, then joined SRI in 2010. He has held a number of research grants from both the federal government and private foundations. He currently serves on National Institutes of Health study sections evaluating grant applications in immunology.

Stein has published extensively on Src kinases in regulating T cell responses, including their mechanism of controlling development of innate-like T cells. He is currently investigating the role of Src kinases in regulating production of IL-17, a cytokine linked to a variety of autoimmune diseases. In addition, he is studying how PI3 kinase activity controls lymphocyte responses. 

Stein received a Ph.D. degree in cellular and molecular biology from the State University of New York, Stony Brook. He subsequently pursued postdoctoral studies at the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center in Seattle, focusing on Src kinases in regulating development of mammalian organ systems.

Paul Stein