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Randall S. Clopton

Education Research Associate, SRI Education

Randall Clopton works primarily in STEM+C (science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and computing) education research and evaluation. Clopton supports projects in a variety of capacities, including evaluation planning, data collection and management, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and report writing.


Clopton’s work at SRI has largely focused on evaluations of STEM programs, including Salesforce’s STEM Learning Initiatives in San Francisco and Oakland and Apple’s ConnectED Initiative. Clopton often plays an instrumental role in managing data collection efforts, such as scheduling and conducting interviews, maintaining surveys, acquiring data from districts, and organizing and maintaining data. In addition, he frequently contributes to analysis and report writing, often serving as a key report author and editor alongside extracting information from qualitative data sources and conducting statistical analyses.


Clopton obtained a Bachelor of Arts in public policy studies and music from the University of Chicago, where he conducted research in education policy, technology policy, and economic policy. Clopton worked as a paralegal and private cello instructor before joining SRI.

Key Projects

  1. Evaluation of Salesforce STEM Learning Initiative in San Francisco and Oakland
  2. Evaluation of the Apple and ConnectED Initiative
  3. Dynamic Math for English Language Learners (DMELL)
  4. Bridging Professional Development